Light Bulb – 1

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First, we dressed in black to black out the arms and legs. Then, we created a bodice by using a sheet of plastic canvas. We cut arm holes on eachside and laced the front up with pipe cleaners. Then we used 20 gauge jewelery wire to contruce the shape of the light bulb attaching it to the plastic canvas by just twisting (and some trusty duct tape).
Next, we wrapped a battery powered string of mini Christmas lights to make our light bulb actually illuminate.
Then, we used white tulle draped over the frame (so she could still see and still breathe), cutting holes for the arms and wrapping tightly under the arms and saftey pinning (Mom is NOT a sewer!!).
Lastly, we used thick, stretchy, sequined banding to wrap around her bottom half to create the base of the lightbulb. We secured this, again, with my handy saftey pins.
 When the lights are out, you cannot see all the innards under her costume like you can here..  you just see the light up and the shiney skirt!
My daughter was estatic that we were able to make her dream come to life and it gave me another chance to think outside of the box for her.
With crafty love,
Teresa McGuire (and the costume innovator- Presley age 3)
Fredericksburg, Virginia, USA

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