Submit Your Costume

I would LOVE to feature your costume on my site! It’s always fun to see other ROCKIN costumes! Please follow these steps for your submission:

1. Where to send:

2. When sending have the ‘Subject Line’ say: “Costume Submission” “the name of your costume”  for example: RE: Costume Submission – Spiderman

**I will NOT open any emails that do not have a subject line.

3. Info you should send in email: 

  • Name of Costume
  • Pictures of Costume (please have them cropped & edited before sending)
  • Step by Step instructions on how you made your costume
  • Your name (if you do not want me to post your name on my blog please make note of  it)
  • Your location – state or country (if you do not want me to post your location on my blog please make note of  it)

4. The Contest: 

  • The person with the most creative costume will win a prize. YAY!
  • The last day costumes can be submitted for the 2014 contest is October 15, 2014
  • The contest will last for the month of October. The last day to vote for costumes will be October 31, 2014.
  • Any costumes submitted after October 15, 2014 will be put into the 2015 contest
*Costumes do NOT need to be recent. If you have a rockin costume from the 90’s (or whenever) send it on over!

**Your costume photos are public to everyone, and may be added to my Creative Costumes Rock Facebook page & Pinterest page.  If you prefer to only have your photo on this blog, please make sure to tell me in the email.



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