Ferris Wheel -1

Ferris Wheel -1




This is my daughter Presley sporting her last year’s costume. My Presley is an interesting girl. Seems every year, she wishes to be an inanimate object!
To construct this Ferris Wheel, we started with a simple cardboard box covered in duck tape, held on by suspenders. Next, we used two hula hoops cut and threaded through the box to make the wheel, also covered in duck tape. Then, I used pieces of cut paint stir sticks (covered in duck tape, see a theme here?) To make the supports to the wheel. I constructed seats for her barbies out of cardboard, duck tape, and glowsticks for their handle bars and secured their seats to the wheel with jewellery wire. I added battery operated lights to not only light her up, make her safe at night, but also to act as the spokes of the wheel. I then added a light up foam stick as a stability bar for her. we secured a bag for her candy on the inside of her “seat” so she didn’t have to carry anything else. All in all, it took about 10+ hours of work to construct this costume, and we are about to do it all again with her costume for this year, a great follow up… A ROLLER COASTER!

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