The Wild West : Western Outlaw – 1 : Modest Saloon Girl – 1 : The “loot” – 1

Western Outlaw – 1 : Modest Saloon Girl – 1 : The “loot” – 1

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Western Outlaw Costume: We went to the DI and picked out a brown shirt and a belt. We cut the sleeves off of the brown shirt to make it look like a rugged vest. We layered the “vest” over a long sleeved button up shirt in a tanish color. We had brown pants, boots, and the hat already on hand. We bought cap guns that came with holsters which we connected onto the belt. The original color of the guns was a neon orange so we decided to spray paint them black. We bought the guns at Walmart in the kids section. We also bought some red fabric to make a bandanna and some rope for the lasso. We found the bullet chain at a costume store.

Modest Saloon Girl: From top to bottom – I curled my hair and pinned it onto one side. The white shirt had ruffles all down the front and I added a broach on top of the top button. I borrowed a long and full black skirt that had a stretchy panel that normally would fold down against the waist. I unfolded it to make it look like a corset and then added a black thick ribbon to cover the top of the skirt under my chest. I wore black fishnets with black cowgirl boots. I wore a puffy under skirt that I used on my wedding. It was white and so I wanted to have it show underneath the black long skirt. I took some costume jewelry earrings and pinned the black skirt up in a couple spots so the white skirt would show through.

Loot: I bought cream fabric, green felt and green ribbon. I also used elastic thread. I drew my own pattern for the bag part and cut out 2 panels. I took my elastic thread and hand sewed the edges together leaving room for arm holes, a hole on top for the head and a hole on the bottom for the legs. I used elastic thread so my daughter would have room to play and not rip the seams. I hand sewed everything because I didn’t have a sewing machine. Next we printed out a stencil for the $ sign. My husband traced it onto the green felt and then cut out 2 $ signs, one for the front and one for the back. We were in a hurry so we glued the felt to the cream bag. Then we took the green ribbon and glued it to the neck of the bag. We wanted the bag to look realistic so we made sure that the top of the bag was gathered and full. Not pictured is her hat. We made a hat because being in Utah for Halloween can get cold. We bought a cream beanie to match the other fabric and glued fake money onto it to give the affect of money overflowing from the bag. She wore brown leggings and a cream long sleeved shirt under the bag costume. Also my husband cut slits into the bag and stuffed them with fake money to look like money was coming out of the bag. Turned out great!

Maura, Troy and Rorie Utah, USA

Thanks so much for your submission! I LOVE these costumes! Such a fun idea for a family costume!



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