Mad Hatter – 1

Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland

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1. For the hat I bought a hat online then sewed a cover to fit over it. Then stuck a feather, large dress pins, and playing card in the hat.

2. The wig is actually that furry yarn you can buy at the craft store. I cut it up into strands and glued them to one long strip of fabric that we wrapped around his head then tied in the back.
3. The bowtie is just fun fabric I tied into a bowtie.
4. The coat we bought at a thrift store and I sewed the lace on the bottom of the sleeves.
5. The thread sash is made from tiny spools of thread I bought off of ebay and strung on a piece of fabric
6. I stuck string and pieces of fabric in the pockets.
7. His pants, purple shirt, socks, and shoes we already had on hand.
Noah Z. – SLC, UT
– Thank you for submitting this ROCKIN costume! I absolutely love it!

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